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Belskie, Abram

  • Family
  • 1907-1988

Powell family

  • Family
  • 1907-1992

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Lucius LeClere Powell, MD, was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Sept. 30, 1907. Grandfather William Eugene Powell, MD, 1881-1964, was a general practitioner and was the primary physician of Mechanics Institute.

At age 11 contracted Rheumatic fever and spent nearly one year in bed. He graduated from the University of Rochester, receiving BA with a transfer of first year of medical school. He matriculated after 3 years of college. He attended medical school at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, which was his father’s alma mater.

Met and married wife at Michigan, Olivia Gilkey, returning to Rochester for his internship. He practiced with his father for several years until the advent of WWII. He spent 3.5 years in the army and discharged as a major and served in England, probably a general practitioner. He received the Bronze star for his medical work.
Olivia dies in 1992 at age 82.

He returned to the US after a 3 month refresher course in medicine joined the VA. He served as staff officer and ultimately as chief of medicine in several VA hospitals. Retiring after several years as manager of the VA hospital in Huntington, WVA where he raised his children.
He died at age 79 in 1986 as a result of non-hodgkins lymphoma initiated in the lymph nodes of the side of his face where he had been irradiated for tinea Barbie.
Three children, William E. Powell II, named after your grandfather, Susan Gilkey Powell, and Sara Ann Powell.