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Marcus, Marianne

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Marianne Marcus is the John P. McGovern Professor in Addiction Nursing and the assistant dean and department chair of Nursing Systems for the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing. She donated her papers to the McGovern Historical Collections on May 14, 2013. One box totaling 1 cubic foot of various paper material.

Bergstrom, Nancy

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Starck, Patricia

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Dean Starck was born in Georgia. She earned a masters’ of nursing from Emory University and a doctorate of nursing in 1979 from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Educational Management at Harvard University and a licensed nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist in mental health and psychiatry. She served as dean of the UT Health Science Center from 1984 to 2014 and continues to serve the UTHSCH as Vice President of Interprofessional Education.

Brady, Connie

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Connie Brady was a nursing student at the Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas, in 1960-1964.

Walden, Senorita Greene

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  • 1924-2011

Senorita O. Greene was born June 27, 1924 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Her family moved to Fort Worth by 1930. She joined the Army Medical Corps on June 15, 1945 and trained at St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing in Fort Worth; she earned her nursing degree in 1948. She married Marion Lewis Walden in 1948. She worked as a public health nurse before joining her husband’s business in 1958. Greene died July 4, 2011.

Minato, Kiyoko

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  • 1926-

Minato was a “genetics” nurse in the early years of the ABCC and Chief of Nurses for many years. She helped doctors collect information from midwives about the condition of newborns and assisted at follow-up housecalls. About 30% of newborns in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were examined by ABCC pediatricians up through 1953. She stated in a 2017 interview (she was 92 years old) that she trained in “pre-war German medicine” and found American medicine quite different.

Baun, Mara M.

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  • 1942-

Dr. Mara Madeleine Baun was born March 5, 1942, and has lived in Missouri City since 1973.

Denham, Leta Elizabeth

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  • 1895-1982

Leta Elizabeth Denham was born in 1895 in Hempstead, Waller County, Texas, and was one of sixteen children. She attended the Baptist Sanitarium and Hospital Training School for Nurses in Houston, Texas, graduating from the program in 1919. The commencement ceremony was held at First Baptist Church in Houston on May 29, 1919. After graduating from nursing school Leta Denham went to China to fulfill her life-long dream of working as a missionary. She served as a medical missionary in Yingtak, China from 1921 to 1922.

Leta Denham married Marcus Jackson Scott in June 1921, and died in Langley, Washington in 1982.

Ostwald, Sharon

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  • 1941-

Sharon K. Ostwald was born January 6, 1941 in Pearland, Texas.

Kassell, Dorothea

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  • 1906-1991

Dorothea Ellen Kassell was born in Spokane, Washington, on January 29, 1906. The family moved to Chicago before 1910 and then to Llano County before 1920. 1970 Texas State Association of Occupational Nurses Achievement Award. She graduated from St. David’s Hospital School of Nursing in Austin, Texas, in 1927; the 1940 census said she had two years of high school. She was a nurse on duty on the Lower Colorado River Authority’s Buchanan Dam project near Burnet, Texas, in the mid-1930s. She worked for ARMCO Steel in Houston for 26 years, 25 as head nurse, before retiring January 29, 1971. She was in occupational nursing for “over 32” years at the time. Kassell was active at the local and state level in the American Association of Industrial Nurses (now the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses). She was treasurer of the Houston chapter for 15 years, served two terms on the Texas AIN Board of Directors, and served for awhile as the Texas AIN historian. She won the Texas State Association of Occupational Nurses Achievement Award in 1970. Kassell died on February 3, 1991, and is buried in the Kassell Cemetery in Llano County.

Phillips, John Roberts

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  • 1904-1983

John Roberts Phillips was born on February 28, 1904 in Quantico, Maryland. He graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1923 and completed his Master of Surgery at the University of Minnesota in 1931. He received a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic from 1929 to 1933. In 1929, he married Rebecca Jane Hall. In 1933, Phillips started his own surgical practice in Houston and served as the Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Texas and as the Assistant Professor of Surgery at Baylor University in Houston, Texas. He authored and co-authored over 124 articles published in various medical journals. Phillips retired in 1967 and died April 19, 1983.

Rebecca Jane Hall Phillips was born on December 14, 1903 in Maryland. She became a registered nurse at the University of Maryland. She served as a surgical nurse from 1927-1929 in Maryland, as a nurse at the Mayo Clinic from 1927-1932, and then starting in 1933, served as the surgical nurse, office manager, and public relations manager for her husband, John Roberts Phillips’ practice in Houston, TX.