Animals--Caricatures and cartoons



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Animals--Caricatures and cartoons

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Animals--Caricatures and cartoons

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Animals--Caricatures and cartoons

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[Barking Up the Wrong Tree]

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton barking at a dog barking at him. This is the first part in a series of two cartoons related to image MS066-006-045b pasted beneath it on the original object.


Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton snake charming polypeptide chains at a seminar.

Dead or Alive

Cartoon of a cat[?] with a nicotine habit, smoking a pipe. The creature is wearing a ten-gallon hat, and this poster has American Wild West undertones. The caption says, "Dead or Alive $100,000 FBI Wanted Chrom. Lab."

Hon and His Friends

Cartoon of one of the workers at the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Research Center trying to fall asleep to no avail due to background noise.