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Interview with Carmen Annes Dias Prudente

An interview with Mrs. Carmen Annes Dias Prudente by Don Macon. MDAH Master #743-1-77. 6/3/1977. Runtime is 25:18 minutes.
(0:09) Don Macon introduces the “Video Profiles” program and Mrs. Carmen Annes Dias Prudente from the Foundation Antonio Prudente in Brazil.
(1:50) Prudente discusses her family history, meeting her husband, Dr. Antonio Prudente, and efforts against cancer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After her husband’s death, the association they established was named the Foundation Antonio Prudente. She is in charge of the volunteers there.
(5:30) She elaborates on grants and fundraising efforts to support their movement. She discusses the hospital, its operations, and its clientele. She stresses the large percentage of poor patients seen by the hospital and the quality of care across all populations.
(9:06) Prudente speaks about the training requirements for volunteers.
(11:43) She speaks about Sao Paulo’s pollution, population, geography, and climate.
(14:55) Prudente reports the hospital has 324 beds and 186 volunteers. She describes their pink uniform with a rosebud symbolizing hope. She describes her philosophy for volunteers—always showing hope.
(17:21) She adds that her volunteers are mostly women, but some men are involved in the religious department, and children are involved in fundraising. She discusses volunteer activities and recruitment.
(20:35) She tells the story of a young boy who came to visit the hospital.
(24:04) Macon concludes the interview.

Prudente, Carmen Annes-Dias

Interview with Dr. Henri Tagnon

An Interview with Dr. H. Tagnon by Don Macon. An MDA-TV Production. Medical Communication. 9/30/1976. Runtime is 31:02 minutes.
(0:28) Don Macon introduces the Video Profiles series and Dr. Henri Tagnon, Head of the Institute Jules Bordet in Brussels, Belgium. He is also President of the European Organization for Research on the Treatment of Cancer and a member of the Committee on International Collaborative Activities of the International Union Against Cancer.
(1:45) Tagnon offers some details of his biography and education in Belgium. He mentions attending medical school in Brussels and cites his interest in clinical medicine. He attributes his interest in medicine to his interest in human nature. He discusses medical education and residency in Belgium.
(5:21) He discusses his parents, including his father’s admiration for surgeons.
(6:10) Tagnon recounts the fellowship that first brought him to the United States. He was at New York Hospital, affiliated with Cornell Medical School. Based on his interest in blood coagulation, he moved to the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory at Boston City Hospital.
(8:45) Tagnon then went to Memorial Hospital. He recalls appointing the first medical residency staff at Memorial in 1947. They discuss Robert Hickey, who was among the residents. They discuss R. Lee Clark and the development of cancer centers—including M. D. Anderson—in a relatively short period of time.
(12:59) He recalls the opportunity to return to Belgium as Chief of Medicine at the Institute Jules Bordet. He describes the growth of the program. He credits his time in the United States for his vision and accomplishments.
(19:00) Tagnon discusses the impetus for and development of the European Organization for Research on the Treatment of Cancer. He again cites the influence of his American experience.
(22:44) Tagnon reflects on the origins of cancer centers in the United States and Europe. He highlights the different disciplines—radiotherapy, surgery, and medicine—and the development of the comprehensive cancer center.
(26:27) Macon outlines the history of the Texas Medical Center and M. D. Anderson Hospital. Tagnon cites the influence of Dr. William Levin of University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Dr. Levin had advised the creation of a data center in Europe.
(29:39) Macon concludes the interview by thanking Tagnon.

Tagnon, Henri J., 1911-