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[Caged and Confused]

Cartoon of one person looking into a cage of a man at his desk with a smaller man inside a smaller cage. It seems like a metaphysical portrait of having to report to your supervisor.

Without Title

Cartoon of Dr. Awa because of the lack of a bow tie. The employees created and participated in tennis matches. Dr.Awa appears to be taking a magic tennis racket ride possibly insuating he has magical tennis skills.

[Hard Headed]

Cartoon of Dr. Howard Hamilton getting hit over the head with an unusually large tennis racket by a "devil" Dr. Akio Awa. When the characters in the cartoons are up to no good, they are usually depicted with horns and fangs. Dr. Akio Awa is clearly up to some mischief in this scene that is reminiscent of other famous cartoons such as "Tom and Jerry."

Famous Brand-New Car

Cartoon of presumably Dr. Hamilton, although the bow tie is not visible/present. Dr. Hamilton is seen driving this same style VW Bug in other cartoons. This cartoon is reflective of the Flinstones motif, where Fred powered the motion of his car with his feet.

Run Away

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton attempting to run away from Dr. Awa who is grabbing him by his bow tie.

Flood by Sweat

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton flooding a tennis court with his own sweat. The caption at the bottom reads "Isni Kai Match."

Who Knocked?

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton shutting his bow tie and foot in the door while Dr. Awa waits to be let inside.


Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton enjoying 'people kabobs.' The title, "Yakitori-Ya," is a restaurant that sells chicken cabobs, or 'yakitori.'

I Have No Objection

Cartoon of Dr. Awa giving his approval to show his cartoons to the Hematology department. The caption says, "AAA when asked if his cartoons could be shown to Hematology."

Bon Voyage

Cartoon of Dr. Awa waving goodbye to Arthur D. Bloom. This is the second comic in a series of three.

Program Review 1964

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton bestowing the gift of a drafted ,"Program Review 1967" upon his coworkers as he makes an angelic departure from Japan.

For TV

Cartoon of Dr. Awa giving a televisioned thank-you for cookies. The gesture he is making is called Akanbe, or Akkanbee, and is used as a taunting/silly gesture.