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  • Pictorial images, usually drawings, that are humorous or that use wit and satire to comment on contemporary events, social habits, political trends, or other topical subjects, often executed in a broad or abbreviated manner. Originally referred to full-page illustrations in a circulating paper or periodical, especially when comical and relating to current events.

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Isozyme Study

Cartoon of Dr. Akio Awa conducting research involving isozymes. His test results reveal 'Sukiyaki, Beer, Girls, and Sake.' These are surprising results from an Isozyme study. Book in the background says, "J.Electrophoresis."


Cartoon of Dr. Akio Awa conducting research involving karyotyping. Joke spoiler: He appears to be 'working his fingers to the bone' where he is seen accidentally snipping his fingers off with a pair of scissors.

[Caged and Confused]

Cartoon of one person looking into a cage of a man at his desk with a smaller man inside a smaller cage. It seems like a metaphysical portrait of having to report to your supervisor.

I Quitt!!

Cartoon of Howard B. Hamilton (abbreviated HBH), is portrayed typically with his bow tie. Dr. Howard has nearly destroyed his office with the caption, "H.H Preparing For Biochemical Variation (Hokkaido)."


Cartoon of Dr. Arthur D. Bloom. He is whimsically portrayed as holding a camera with a teacup spilled on the ground.

Mt. Niseko

Cartoon of "H.H.," or Howard Hamilton. This portrays Dr.Hamilton skiing down Mount Niseko in Hakkaido.

Type Recital

Cartoon of "H.H.," or Howard Hamilton. This portrays Dr.Hamilton typing on a Royal typewriter as his imagination has him think he is a great pianist performing a masterpiece.

ADB to Washington

Cartoon of Dr. Arthur D. Bloom literally 'sleeping on the plane' on his way to a conference in Washington. This is an unlikely spot to take a nap, but Dr. Bloom seems to be in quite a deep sleep. Caption says, "Preparation for The Great Conference: Sleep tight!"

Tea Party at Auditorium

Cartoon of two women and one man, who are members of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission. The caption reads, "E. Bloom," and, "A.D.B. [initials for Arthur D. Bloom] M. Bloom For Mrs. E. Bloom."

Back of Dining Room Check

Cartoon of Dr. Howard Hamilton looking at crickets and/or grasshoppers in the dining room. Although bugs in the cafeteria typically cause diners uneasiness, Dr. Hamilton seems delighted by these dinner companions. Caption reads, "Back of Dining Room Check."

H.H Off to Honolulu

  • Cartoon of "H.H.," or Howard Hamilton, on a plane to Honolulu. Dr. Howard seems to be defying normal airline rules by leaning out the airplane window mid flight to wave goodbye to his friends. Caption says, "Have a nice trip!!" Cartoon is signed by: AAA
  • T.H.
  • I.S.
  • A.H.
  • K.T.
  • A.D.B.

AAA Returns a Borrowed Book

Cartoon signed, "AAA," for Dr. Akio Awa who is depicted as returning a borrowed book. The caption reads, "Thank you very much." The title of the cartoon appears to be in someone else's hand, and it is presumed as Dr.Hamilton's, who may have created some of the titles for some of these illustrations.

ADB Leaving for Washington

Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom leaving for work on an airplane. His head is wrapped in a bandage surrounding the outer perimeter of his head, which is a common motif in cartoons of someone being or feeling ill.

Opening AAA's Window

Cartoon of Dr. Hamilton because of the presence of the bow tie of his character, who is using an unconventional entrance into Dr. Akio Awa's office. He may also be doing a poor job of trying to open the window of Dr. Awa's office. The caption reads, "Thank you, you did very well for me."

A Lonely Man

Cartoon depicting a somber Dr. Arthur D. Bloom where the Bloom family is wishing him well with the caption reading, "Have a Nice Trip."

At Miyajima

Cartoon of Dr.HBH, or Howard B. Hamilton, performing in a Japanese theater called No? (Noh). This was a past time for Dr.Hamilton, and he would later translate No? plays into English. Dr.Arthur D. Bloom is seen photographing Dr. Hamilton in the cartoon. The comic is signed AAA for Dr. Akio Awa.

Without Title

Cartoon of Dr. Awa because of the lack of a bow tie. The employees created and participated in tennis matches. Dr.Awa appears to be taking a magic tennis racket ride possibly insuating he has magical tennis skills.

[Don't Hang out with Howard]

Cartoon of Dr. Akio Awa with "devil" Dr. Hamilton, and the cartoon is a display of dark humor. When the characters in the cartoons are up to no good, they are usually depicted with horns and fangs. This is probably a hyperbole of the sentiment, "You're killing me!"

Dead or Alive

Cartoon of a cat[?] with a nicotine habit, smoking a pipe. The creature is wearing a ten-gallon hat, and this poster has American Wild West undertones. The caption says, "Dead or Alive $100,000 FBI Wanted Chrom. Lab."

[Hard Headed]

Cartoon of Dr. Howard Hamilton getting hit over the head with an unusually large tennis racket by a "devil" Dr. Akio Awa. When the characters in the cartoons are up to no good, they are usually depicted with horns and fangs. Dr. Akio Awa is clearly up to some mischief in this scene that is reminiscent of other famous cartoons such as "Tom and Jerry."


Cartoon of Dr. Hamilton sick in bed with a thermometer in his mouth with his EKG sheet near his head.

[Arthur D. Bloom on Brown Lunch Bag]

Cartoon of Dr. Arthur D. Bloom smoking his pipe with his eyes crossed appearing stressed. Dr. Bloom is frequently depicted with his seemingly beloved pipe, and this cartoon has been drawn on what appears to be a brown paper lunch sack.

Staff meeting

Cartoon of Dr. Hamilton sitting with his feet on the desk during a staff meeting. Dr. Hamilton participated in many other activities outside of work, and these are portrayed in his thought bubbles above his head. They include: performing in Noh plays, skiing, playing tennis, eating (in the cartoons he is seen with pie often), and typing.

Famous Brand-New Car

Cartoon of presumably Dr. Hamilton, although the bow tie is not visible/present. Dr. Hamilton is seen driving this same style VW Bug in other cartoons. This cartoon is reflective of the Flinstones motif, where Fred powered the motion of his car with his feet.

Pools by AAA

Cartoon of Dr. Hamilton appearing to have fallen in the pool being rescued by Dr. Awa who seems to have a smirk on his face hinting at possible mischief.

With Best Regards

Cartoon of Dr. Akio Awa presumably being indifferent to the nervousness he may be feeling towards some upcoming work-related situation. The cartoon is signed by someone with Japanese characters. The Caption reads, "You can't say that I'm nervous," and, "Relax!!"

New Office!!

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton relaxing in his new office. There appears to be a disorganized mess behind him as he takes a moment to close his eyes and nap.

[Skating Rink]

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton rollerskating in his new office. This image appears to be related to MS066-006-029a because the mess that was behind Howard is now piled onto his desk to make way for his new skating rink.

Liver Conference

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton throwing away his tie as he hides underneath a table. Dr. Awa seems to be leading the presentation at the Liver Conference, which is labeled in the comic a well as a caption that says, "Real Presentation."

Moving into New Office

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton being pushed on a cart by Dr. Awa. They are moving his things into a new office, which is depicted in other cartoons including: MS066-006-029a, MS066-006-029b, and MS066-006-030b.

[Moving into New Office part 2]

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton moving into his new office with the help of Dr. Awa who is standing to the side looking sheepish. This cartoon is related to images: MS066-006-029a, MS066-006-029b, and MS066-006-030b.

AAA's Bruised Knee

Cartoon first of a mini-series related to image MS066-006-033b. Here Dr. Howard B. Hamilton is laughing at Dr. Awa's bruised knee, but the joke will soon be upon Dr. Hamilton.


Cartoon second of two in a series related to image MS066-006-033a. This depicts Dr. Howard B. Hamilton attempting to kick Dr. Awa's bruised knee, but it comes back to bite him.

NHK 8:05-9:00 AM Music Hour

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton peacefully enjoying music broadcasted by the NHK Japanese Broadcasting Corporation as one of his associates attempts to play a cruel joke on him.


Cartoon of Dr. Awa being filmed by the NHK Japanese Broadcasting Corporation while Dr. Howard B. Hamilton attempts to cut the power cord. They are filming the broadcast from the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Clinical Lab.

Run Away

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton attempting to run away from Dr. Awa who is grabbing him by his bow tie.

H.S Scolding

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton getting stabbed by a female coworker. The title alludes he may have gotten a scolding from this coworker.

[Barking Up the Wrong Tree]

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton barking at a dog barking at him. This is the first part in a series of two cartoons related to image MS066-006-045b pasted beneath it on the original object.

I'm Sorry, Sir.

Cartoon of Dr. Awa with puppy eyes apologizing to someone who called him a, "Bakayaro." This roughly translates to, "You idiot!"

Hon and His Friends

Cartoon of one of the workers at the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Research Center trying to fall asleep to no avail due to background noise.


Cartoon of Dr. Awa enjoying a large beer. There are Japanese characters for the caption.

Flood by Sweat

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton flooding a tennis court with his own sweat. The caption at the bottom reads "Isni Kai Match."

Who Knocked?

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton shutting his bow tie and foot in the door while Dr. Awa waits to be let inside.


Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton enjoying 'people kabobs.' The title, "Yakitori-Ya," is a restaurant that sells chicken cabobs, or 'yakitori.'


Cartoon of a staff member referred to as "HS." She appears to be handed a frustrating work assignment.

Awa Recovers from the Vapors

Cartoon of Dr. Awa with an unconvincing face stating, "Thank You, Sir. I'm Fine, Sir." The vapors are a vague catch-all phrase. The meaning may differ for this cartoon, but Dr. Awa is standing above an open man-hole after walking past a caution construction sign indicating something maybe mentally draining.


Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom and his family taking a boat tour. This is part one of two in a mini series of drawings.


Cartoon of Dr. Howard b. Hamilton being served a dangerous meal by a dangerous waiter.

I Have No Objection

Cartoon of Dr. Awa giving his approval to show his cartoons to the Hematology department. The caption says, "AAA when asked if his cartoons could be shown to Hematology."

After all…

Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom and his family taking a boat tour minus the boat. This is a part two to a two-part mini series of drawings.

Don't Do Like This!!

  • Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom missing his flight. The cartoons is signed by his colleagues: H. Shinooka
  • K. Tamahe
  • S. Lida
  • S. Hori
  • S. Murata
  • Akio
  • and Takeo. This is the first comic in a series of three.
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