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Congresses and conventions

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Congresses and conventions

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Congresses and conventions

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[Hula Away Howard]

Cartoon of a hula dancing Dr.Akio Awa. He is portrayed telling Dr. Howard to, "Have a nice trip!!" The caption reads, "On H.H. Going to CUD Conference in Honolulu." This is a reoccuring motif within the cartoons of saying farewell to work friends before they leave the research facility in Hiroshima for work travel.

ADB to Washington

Cartoon of Dr. Arthur D. Bloom literally 'sleeping on the plane' on his way to a conference in Washington. This is an unlikely spot to take a nap, but Dr. Bloom seems to be in quite a deep sleep. Caption says, "Preparation for The Great Conference: Sleep tight!"

H.H Off to Honolulu

  • Cartoon of "H.H.," or Howard Hamilton, on a plane to Honolulu. Dr. Howard seems to be defying normal airline rules by leaning out the airplane window mid flight to wave goodbye to his friends. Caption says, "Have a nice trip!!" Cartoon is signed by: AAA
  • T.H.
  • I.S.
  • A.H.
  • K.T.
  • A.D.B.

A Lonely Man

Cartoon depicting a somber Dr. Arthur D. Bloom where the Bloom family is wishing him well with the caption reading, "Have a Nice Trip."

Liver Conference

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton throwing away his tie as he hides underneath a table. Dr. Awa seems to be leading the presentation at the Liver Conference, which is labeled in the comic a well as a caption that says, "Real Presentation."

Don't Do Like This!!

  • Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom missing his flight. The cartoons is signed by his colleagues: H. Shinooka
  • K. Tamahe
  • S. Lida
  • S. Hori
  • S. Murata
  • Akio
  • and Takeo. This is the first comic in a series of three.