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ADB to Washington

Cartoon of Dr. Arthur D. Bloom literally 'sleeping on the plane' on his way to a conference in Washington. This is an unlikely spot to take a nap, but Dr. Bloom seems to be in quite a deep sleep. Caption says, "Preparation for The Great Conference: Sleep tight!"

ADB Leaving for Washington

Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom leaving for work on an airplane. His head is wrapped in a bandage surrounding the outer perimeter of his head, which is a common motif in cartoons of someone being or feeling ill.

Bon Voyage

Cartoon of Dr. Awa waving goodbye to Arthur D. Bloom. This is the second comic in a series of three.

A Lonely Man

Cartoon depicting a somber Dr. Arthur D. Bloom where the Bloom family is wishing him well with the caption reading, "Have a Nice Trip."

[Hula Away Howard]

Cartoon of a hula dancing Dr.Akio Awa. He is portrayed telling Dr. Howard to, "Have a nice trip!!" The caption reads, "On H.H. Going to CUD Conference in Honolulu." This is a reoccuring motif within the cartoons of saying farewell to work friends before they leave the research facility in Hiroshima for work travel.

H.H Off to Honolulu

  • Cartoon of "H.H.," or Howard Hamilton, on a plane to Honolulu. Dr. Howard seems to be defying normal airline rules by leaning out the airplane window mid flight to wave goodbye to his friends. Caption says, "Have a nice trip!!" Cartoon is signed by: AAA
  • T.H.
  • I.S.
  • A.H.
  • K.T.
  • A.D.B.

[Farewell Friend]

Cartoon of unidentifed subject waving goodbye to Arthur D. Bloom in a series of cartoons. This is the third comic in a series of three.