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Paul Lensky, MD Photograph Collection

  • MS 236
  • コレクション
  • 1947-1948

The Paul Lensky, MD Photograph Collection contains 27 black and white photographs, each about 3.25" x 4.5" in size. The snapshots depict Dr. Lensky's friends and colleagues at Jefferson Davis Hospital on Buffalo Drive in Houston, Texas. While most photographs appear to be set in Houston, at least one was taken in Monterrey, Mexico. The photographs are dated 1947-1948, corresponding with Dr. Lensky's time at Jefferson Davis.

Scenes include roof top views, sunbathing, cars, the Nurses' Home, the hospital entrance, a neighborhood and home, and travel. Some of the roof top views show the surrounding area, including the San Felipe Courts housing development, the Fourth Ward, Buffalo Drive and Buffalo Bayou, and downtown Houston. Descriptions--including names and dates--provided by the creator are on the back on each photograph.

Lensky, Paul

Nurses' Home, Jeff Davis Hospital

View of Jefferson Davis Hospital Nurses' Home, as well as the courtyard, parking lot, cars, and passersby. The photograph was taken from the rooftop of Jefferson Davis Hospital on Buffalo Drive.

Lensky, Paul

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