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William C. Moloney MD papers
MS 073 · Colección · 1952-1954

William C. Moloney MD kept a personal journal, with photographs, for much of his two years in Japan with the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission. In January of 1986, Dr. Moloney donated his journal, correspondence and diary pages to the Harris County Medical Archive. He died in 1998 at the age of 91. His first contribution was a set of ten reprints representing his work with the ABCC from 1952 to 1954. Dr. Moloney's journal is a fine document, one which will be of great use to historians. It is an important record of personal impressions, thoughts and details of events. The journal gives new insights into the work of the ABCC and into the people who participated in that work. Dr. Moloney wrote in his journal from April 1952 to February 1954. The Korean War was on and there was a great deal of military activity in southern Japan. The collection is open for research. The collection consists of a handwritten journal, loose letters and reprints.

In this collection are letters, a journal and reprints. There are three letters written in May and July 1952. Two are typed and one handwritten. There are also loose pages from his diary starting on the Moloney family's departure from Boston in April 14, 1952 with the last entry dated December 11, 1952. There are references to their near disaster off Hilo on the way to Japan. The last item in this series is the jewel in the crown - Dr. Moloney's journal. The entries date from January 16, 1953 to February 27, 1954. Unfortunately there are gaps where he did not make entries. The numbered pages between 195 and 200 are missing. Dr. Moloney literally wrote from cover to cover in his journal. Glued or taped onto the journal pages are 165 black and white glossy photographs (there are 166 photographs in the journal) and a variety of other items (business cards, invitations, clippings, announcements, a golf score card, yen, postcards, driver's permits.) The typescript translation of an article from The Chugoku Press, 20 September 1953 originally placed between pages 101 and 102 has been removed and placed in envelopes. A folded map of Japan remains in the back of the journal.

The physical condition of the journal is mixed. The photographs are in good condition and the ink on the pages remains clear and crisp. The spine is broken and the pages are becoming detached. The tape and news clippings have yellowed and become brittle. The collection encompasses the years 1952-1954 and is 0.25 cubic feet (1 box).

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John T. Armstrong, MD papers
MS 098 · Colección · 1914-1987

The John T. Armstrong, MD papers contains professional correspondence, personal correspondence, family papers, institutional documents, institutional publications, research, medical data, memos, minutes, newspaper clippings, legal documents, insurance documentation, and professional diaries that document the career and life of Dr. John T. Armstrong. The collection consists of 12 boxes equaling 6 cubic feet.

Dr. Armstrong is mainly associated with his involvement with Houston Herman Hospital, The Houston Academy of Medicine, the Texas Medical Center, the Texas Medical Center Library, and has been published in the Southern Medical Journal, Journal of the Southern Medical Association. John T. Armstrong served on various committees at the Houston Academy of Medicine, where he served such appointments as president. Dr. Armstrong was heavily involved in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. His records include: his professional correspondence; his medical publications; family papers; professional diaries and ledgers; and his affiliated medical organizations’ publications.

Subjects: Gynecology.

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Connie Brady Nursing School Papers
MS 087 · Colección · 1960-1964

Connie Brady was a nursing student at the Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas, in 1960-1964. This collection includes a 1964 diary Brown wrote for a nursing course, school-related correspondence and papers, school publications, and nursing publications. The material is in good condition and is about 0.25 cubic feet (1 box). 1960-1964.

Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital, which grew to Shannon Medical Center and to its current incarnation as Shannon Health System, opened in 1932, according to the Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital Shannon Memorial School of Nursing Bulletin 1961-1962. West Texas ranchers J. M. and Margaret Shannon provided the funding to create a foundation that in 1931 established the hospital to serve San Angelo and Tom Green County.

The hospital and clinic has 19 locations, 17 of them in San Angelo, and includes three hospitals in San Angelo. It also has clinics in Del Rio and Ozona. Its nursing school is no longer in operation, but the foundation offers nursing scholarships through Angelo State University.

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Raymond C. Anderson, MD, PhD papers
MS 095 · Colección · 1947-1949

The Raymond C. Anderson, MD, PhD papers comprises photocopies of Anderson's journal and the photographs he took during his time at the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission. It is believed that Anderson's family still retains the original copies of the diary and photographs.

This collection is in fair condition, but it does appear that the photocopied pages of the diary were somewhat water damaged while they were housed in the basement of the main Texas Medical Center Library. This is collection MS 95. It is one box (0.5 cubic feet).

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MS 188 · Colección · October 2014

The TWU Historical Research in Nursing Class Japan papers contains assigned journals written by graduate nursing students of their experiences while in Hiroshima, Japan as part of a Texas Women’s University class titled Historical Research in Nursing. The class traveled to Japan in October 2014.

Subjects: Hiroshima, nursing, ABCC, Texas Woman's University, Nursing History

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