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Hiroshima, Japan
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Cytogentics Bonenkai

Cartoon of Dr. Awa mapping out the timeline of the Bonenkai, a Japanese drinking party among coworkers. The party began with Awa leaving the train station. By 6:00pm Dr. Awa visited Yasaku, and by

After the Bonenkai

Cartoon of a presumably intoxicated Dr. Awa walking back from the Bonenkai, which is a Japanese drinking party held among coworkers. At 6:00pm Dr. Awa left the train station and went to Yasaku. Next, Dr. Awa heads to the 'Bar District' by 8:30pm, and he was in bed by 1:00 am snoozing away.

"I Used to Help"

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton mistaking his coworker for the post he was intending to hammer into the ground. This cartoon is reminiscient of popular twentieth century cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry.


Cartoon of an unidentfied subject calling for help from Yoshida's locker. The caption reads, "Buy a New Locker Right Now!!" This is the second cartoon of two related to image MS066-006-076a.

For TV

Cartoon of Dr. Awa giving a televisioned thank-you for cookies. The gesture he is making is called Akanbe, or Akkanbee, and is used as a taunting/silly gesture.

Program Review 1964

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton bestowing the gift of a drafted ,"Program Review 1967" upon his coworkers as he makes an angelic departure from Japan.


Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom under pressure to meditate. The man in the background must have assisted Arthur D. Bloom's collegue (sitting next to Arthur D. Bloom) with his meditation practice.

[Farewell Friend]

Cartoon of unidentifed subject waving goodbye to Arthur D. Bloom in a series of cartoons. This is the third comic in a series of three.

Bon Voyage

Cartoon of Dr. Awa waving goodbye to Arthur D. Bloom. This is the second comic in a series of three.

Don't Do Like This!!

  • Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom missing his flight. The cartoons is signed by his colleagues: H. Shinooka
  • K. Tamahe
  • S. Lida
  • S. Hori
  • S. Murata
  • Akio
  • and Takeo. This is the first comic in a series of three.

I Have No Objection

Cartoon of Dr. Awa giving his approval to show his cartoons to the Hematology department. The caption says, "AAA when asked if his cartoons could be shown to Hematology."

After all…

Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom and his family taking a boat tour minus the boat. This is a part two to a two-part mini series of drawings.


Cartoon of Arthur D. Bloom and his family taking a boat tour. This is part one of two in a mini series of drawings.

Awa Recovers from the Vapors

Cartoon of Dr. Awa with an unconvincing face stating, "Thank You, Sir. I'm Fine, Sir." The vapors are a vague catch-all phrase. The meaning may differ for this cartoon, but Dr. Awa is standing above an open man-hole after walking past a caution construction sign indicating something maybe mentally draining.


Cartoon of Dr. Howard b. Hamilton being served a dangerous meal by a dangerous waiter.


Cartoon of a staff member referred to as "HS." She appears to be handed a frustrating work assignment.


Cartoon of Dr. Awa enjoying a large beer. There are Japanese characters for the caption.

Who Knocked?

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton shutting his bow tie and foot in the door while Dr. Awa waits to be let inside.

Flood by Sweat

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton flooding a tennis court with his own sweat. The caption at the bottom reads "Isni Kai Match."


Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton enjoying 'people kabobs.' The title, "Yakitori-Ya," is a restaurant that sells chicken cabobs, or 'yakitori.'

Hon and His Friends

Cartoon of one of the workers at the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Research Center trying to fall asleep to no avail due to background noise.

I'm Sorry, Sir.

Cartoon of Dr. Awa with puppy eyes apologizing to someone who called him a, "Bakayaro." This roughly translates to, "You idiot!"

[Barking Up the Wrong Tree]

Cartoon of Dr. Howard B. Hamilton barking at a dog barking at him. This is the first part in a series of two cartoons related to image MS066-006-045b pasted beneath it on the original object.

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