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Campaign for Life Internal Fundraising Video

This 16mm film is a color projection print with sound running 11:28 minutes. The film is targeted at Hermann Hospital employees, encouraging the to donate to the Hospital's fundraising campaign for the construction of a new pavilion.

(0:11) Film opens, “For More Than 100,000 Life Began at Hermann Hospital. For Countless Others, Life Was Given A Fresh, New Start.” Montage of Hermann Hospital scenes.

(0:45) Introduction by Steve Smith, reflecting on George Hemann’s dream and a list of “firsts” at Hermann Hospital.

(2:24) Ruth Anderson, 26 years of service – retired, reflects on changes and contributions.

(3:18) Smith speaks in front of the Roberton Pavilion.

(3:37) Pappy Selph, Cardiac Patient interview, fiddle playing.

(4:03) Smith introduces the proposed new pavilion.

(5:08) Bill McDonald, Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer highlights Hermann’s tradition and the value of the new facility.

(5:27) Lynn Walts, Vice-President of Operations, highlights the need for the new facility.

(5:55) Smith shares the plan for a renovated Roberts Pavilion.

(6:19) Walts continues discussing the vision for the new facility.

(6:33) Smith, standing beside the Life Flight Helicopter, shares the fundraising goal: $100 million dollars.

(6:50) A request for funds is targeted to Hermann employees, as images of employees working at Hermann are shown. The Employee Participation Plan is touted. Smith appears in the lobby/courtyard discussing the plan.

(8:13) Robert Creasy, MD, Chief of OB/GYN Services talks about the Employee Participation Plan.

(8:50) A new donor wall is highlighted.

(9:16) Smith appears by the statue of George Hermann in Hermann Park, extoling the importance of Hermann employees.

(9:30) Walter Mischer, Chairman of the Board/CEO, speaks about the value of employees.

(9:55) Pam MacFarland, 5 years of service, also speaks about Hermann employees.

(10:09) Freddie Knockless, 5 years of service, speaks about giving and about Hermann employees.

(10:22) Joe Escalante, 15 years of service, speaks about a premature baby’s birth at Hermann.

(10:36) Smith concludes the program from the Hermann courtyard. He reports that Hermann patients say “thank you,” as images of patients and staff are shown.

Multiple news stories about TMC Steam Explosion, U-matic (3/4”)

This video recording contains clips from three different television news stories reporting on a steam explosion in the Texas Medical Center. The videos were recorded on a 3/4" U-matic tape, and the total runtime is just over four minutes.
(0:01) Segment 1 "Explosion," Newscenter 11, anchor Steve Smith. The segment begins with Smith speaking, accompanied by the headline "Explosion" and a graphic showing "Texas Medical Center Gate 7." He reports on a "leak and explosion in a Medical Center steam line." It took place at the intersection of Holcomb and Bertner around 6:30. The clip then cuts to Nancy Carney reporting from the scene. She stands by the TMC Gate 7 sign, which is covered in mud. The segment describes shockwaves, flying concrete and mud, two nurses injured, and ten cars damaged. Then there is an interview Henry Kroeger, TMC Heating & Cooling Cooperative, who describes what happened. Next is an interview with Herman Pressler, "President, Board of Directors, T.M.I." He goes over canceled surgeries including all surgery at St. Luke's/Texas Children's Hospital and all elective surgey at Hermann Hospital. The segment concludes with an image of a crew working in the hole left by the explosion.
(1:24) Segment 2 "Untitled," Unidentified broadcast with unidentified male anchor. He reports that the explosion at the corner of Bertner and Holcomb "caused quite a traffic jam, but little else." As images of the site and ongoing repairs play, he continues his narration. He describes a hole six feet wide and twenty feet deep and damaged cars. He reports that Brown and Root, Fisk Electric, and the Medical Center all have repair crews working.
(2:01) Segment 3 "Medical Center Explosion," Channel 13 Eyewitness News, anchor Dave Ward. Ward leads with the announcement that Medical Center facilities were having to "curtail" medical procedures due to an explosion that "crippled" seven buildings. The segment then cuts to images of construction/machinery and the narration switches to Elma Barrera. She describes a "severe" explosion at the corner of Holcomb and Bertner that "left a gaping hole, scattered "huge concrete blocks," knocked down traffic light poles and street signs, and damage nearby vehicles. She reports, "The explosion had been severe, but no one knew how or why it happened." In the background is the same Gate 7 sign visible in the Newscenter 11 segment. In an interview, R.H. Stuttz. discusses the disruption of steam to the hospitals and the ongoing investigation. There is footage of a man who appears to be Henry Kroeger, TMC Heating & Cooling Cooperative, who also appears in the Newscenter 11 segment, but Barrera continues narrating and his interview is not audible. She reports seven buildings were affected, with the worst impacts on St. Luke's and Texas Children’s, but also MD Anderson and Hermann Hospital. In an interview, P. R. Maddeaux, St. Luke's Hospital describes the impact on surgical schedules, noting "we can't sterilize without the steam." Barrera reports two people were injured, with one treated and released and the other, an unidentified woman, remaining in the hospital in good condition. The segment concludes with more views of construction machinery at work.

Medical Social Workers

a female patients' Blood Pressor is being taken; Activities while in Jefferson. Davis. Hospital basement. Miss Atkinson talks with a young patient. Rt. Mrs. Maurine Mitchell, second medical social worker at the TB clinic and the first at the Houston TB Hospital. Lf. The Third medical social worker at the TB Clinic, Miss Frances Clay. Young clinic patient being X-rayed by Mrs. Frances Brown. home visists were made by the nursing staff. educational work with student nurses, graduate nurses, and medical students at the clinic were carried on. Public education was not neglected. Seal Sale is always with us!

Houston Tuberculosis Association Staff Members

Photograph showing the Houston Tuberculosis Association staff members posing for a group photo beside the Houston Harris County Tuberculosis Association's Bus in 1957. In the Picture we can identify: Emmeline J. renis; Mrs. Frances M. Brown; Mrs. Charlotte Hogan; Mrs. Frances Schwerdtfeger; Bill Sulivan; Antonio Arias; Miss. lena Pecover; Mrs. Virginia McGregor; Mrs. Dagmar Lee Ferrell; Mrs. Bertha Morits; Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor; Miss Jan Veder; Bart Copeland; Sidnay moore.

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