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Final AIHA report on Semi Project in Kazahkstan

An executive summary of the last year of the AIHA supported activities that were supported as a part of the payback (Project Sapphire) for dismantling nuclear weapons in Kurchatov. An extremely meaningful set of mutually agreed upon objectives by both sides served as a solid base to establish a multidimensional effort.


This is a great example of a trip report (wish they were all this well written and formatted!). Put this in as it reflects a lot of the various aspects of the work we had been involved with in Kazakhstan our team, their team and leadership.

Planning notes for governors visit to Tx

Note to have TJ Dunlap (consultant to Armin's group at BCM) to prepare for upcoming visit by Governor Jakianov. Some good initial planning for events with TMH, Mayor, and Santa Fe Gold ... but more followed this including a meeting with Governor Bush and more. A very important step in this partnership for sure.

letter to Kazakh ambassador to the US

A letter to Bolat K. Nurgaliyev the Kazakhstan Ambassador to the US regarding an upcoming meeting we helped orchestrate that included AFRRI. Also an interesting reference to Mr. James Giffin regarding the committee for reorganization of the health care system in the Republic of Kazakhstan that I was asked to comment on. Turns out Giffin was later arrested and charged related to bribes in a scandal known as Kazahkgate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazakhgate.


This document is a report by F. Curtiss Swezy, DrPH and Shanta Swezy about nursing reform in Kazakhstan being stimulated and supported by two AIHA partnerships.

non-proliferation talk at Kazakhstan 1997

These are talking notes for my presentation at a nuclear non-proliferation conference. Interesting to see recommendations including this one, "I suggest Minister Shkolnik create a joint committee with representatives from government, academicia, public survivors and ethicists to continue the pursuit of this question."

Readme file about Herb Berhstock

This contains information and links to some material about Herb Behrstock who was the UN representative to our project in Kazakhstan and the special UN mission that I participated in.

letter to Boris Gusev re ICHER

This is a communication from me (Armin) to Boris Gusev a leader of the Kazakhstan research on the effects of the nuclear testing program. Boris is Kazakh and had much data kept for themselves as opposed to the data Russia collected and took to Moscow after the breakup of the Soviet Union. This letter was an attempt to bring them into the efforts of those working on Chernobyl. While they didn't really do that it does show the status of the ICHER and who were the key players at the time.

United Nations Folder [README]

Describes content in the Folder United Nations. A major effort to asses the needs in Kazakhstan as a result of the impact of the nuclear testing and development program that went on for many years especially in Kurchatov.

Working notes from first trip to Kazakhstan

Includes great material & notes eg, "ADW and CL returned to Semipalatinsk with BT’s car and driver. Unfortunately while returning they hit a patch of ice and ended up in a snowy ditch. Fortunately this occurred near one of the few villages along the way and a passing truck was able to pull them out. The good reflexes and driving skills of the driver kept them from overturning. ML and MR hired a car and driver from Kuchartov and returned later after completing the hospital survey" I (ADW) gave the drive $100 for pulling us out it was below zero too. Took some time but I got USAID to reimburse after much discussion!

News Clips

A collection of news clips I used to track what might be relevant to our work in Kazakhstan. Of note is a story about Newmont Corp's interest in developing gold resources in the region. They eventually were contacted and help support several public health education initiatives in the Semey region.

Sara Rozin papers

  • MS 206
  • Collection
  • 1990s

The Sara Rozin papers consists of photographs related to Sara Rozin’s work with Dr. Armin Weinberg and radiation effects and events projects in Kazakhstan and Russia. The program was organized mostly through the United Methodist Health Initiative. Three videos (VHS) related to her daughter’s wedding in 1993 were digitized and are stored in the digital collection drive (DCD). The original cassettes were returned to the donor. During the reception a rabbi sang the Chernobyl Song. A clip of it has been extracted and stored with the other video files. The material is in English, Russian, and Hebrew. Collection consists of one box equaling 0.25 cubic feet and contains 202 photographs and digital video files. Digital files are stored in the digital collection drive (DCD).

Subjects: Radiation Effects and Events

Rozin, Sara

Armin Weinberg, PhD papers

  • MS 211
  • Collection
  • 1990s-2020

The Armin Weinberg, PhD papers contains born-digital materials and ephemeral items related to his work in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Eastern Europe. The collection also includes two View Master projectors and “Stereoscopic Atlas of the Human Anatomy” by David L. Bassett, MD, complete set of 1-213 slides, T-shirt of "International Conference on the Health Effects of Low Dose Radiation", artifacts, books, business cards, dombra (instrument), glass hedgehog figurine, camel figurine, Kazakhstan canteen, 3 traditional Kazakhstan robes and hat, and colorimeter that belonged to his father.

The collection equals 3 cubic feet (4 boxes). Majority of collection will be submitted digitally. First ZIP file was emailed on 9/7/2016. Dr. Weinberg was issued a flash drive (HRC_32_01) to submit other ZIP files at one time. All files submitted to the collection are placed in the digital control folder in the Digital Submissions directory. A user survey describing the contents of the digital collection and formats used will be available in the control folders.

Subjects: Radiation Effects and Events, Baylor College of Medicine

Weinberg, Armin

Teresa Hayes, MD, PhD papers

  • MS 213
  • Collection
  • 1994-2002

The Teresa Hayes, MD, PhD papers contains photographs, artifacts, documents, speeches, and books related to Dr. Hayes’ work with Dr. Armin Weinberg radiation effects and events projects and the United Methodist Health Initiative. in Kazakhstan and Russia. The collection equals about .5 cubic foot (1 box) and includes 286 photographs.

Subjects: Radiation Effects and Events, Baylor College of Medicine

Hayes, Teresa

Randall Wright papers on Kazakhstan health care

  • MS 224
  • Collection
  • 1999-2000

The Randall Wright papers on Kazakhstan health care are related to a Baylor College of Medicine and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) conducted health care initiatives among populations in Kazakhstan and other regions the former Soviet Union. The initial assessment was related to the affects of above ground nuclear testing of weapons on regional populations. Randall Wright is a former administrator with Methodist Hospital and UMCOR. These papers are from materials he preserved from his work in the area in the 1990s. The collection includes photos, PowerPoint slides printed on paper, regional maps, correspondence, and memos. The collection is in good condition and measures about one cubic foot (one box).

Subjects: Radiation Effects and Events, Baylor College of Medicine, United Methodist Committee on Relief ( UMCOR )

Wright, Randall

Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation records

  • IC 105
  • Collection
  • 1996-2007

The Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation consists of one scrapbook and a recorded interview/conversation with Debbie Goldberg that document the work of the organization, which was part of Baylor College of Medicine during the late-1990s and early 2000s. The organization, led in part by Dr. Armin Weinberg, provided medical supplies, cross-cultural collaboration and professional exchanges with Israel, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and other nations. An important part of its work dealt with radiation effects and events, like Chernobyl and atomic test sites in Kazakhstan. The organization developed the Cancer Registry of survivors of radiation events.

The collection also contains photographs and printed materials related to Debbie Goldberg's work coordinating the shipment of medical supplies to Israel, Palestine, and Kazakhstan.

Accruals are expected for this collection. Materials related to the operations, administration, projects, and people of the Texas Hadassah medical Research Foundation.

Subjects: Radiation Effects & Events, Baylor College of Medicine

Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation