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McGovern Collection on the History of Medicine

  • RB 005
  • Collection
  • 1514-2013

The McGovern Collection contains over 5,500 titles focused on the development of the medical specialties in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth. There are significant sections on pediatrics, allergy and cardiology. The collection emphasis has been American Imprints and English language materials. There are a small number of titles in French or German from the eighteenth century. The Collection holds several early anatomical texts, including a first edition of Vesalius’ Anatomica. A special section of the McGovern Collection is devoted to the works of Sir William Osler. The collection holds copies of all of Sir William’s writings, most in various editions. There is also a considerable holding of Osleriana, including the annual meetings of the American Osler Society. All items in the McGovern Collection are cataloged in the Library’s online catalog. Some items have been digitized and are available electronically through the Digital Commons@TMC. Making our resources available online is an ongoing project. More books will be available in the future.

Sir William Osler sub-collection. A special section of the McGovern Collection is devoted to the works of Sir William Osler. The collection holds copies of all of Sir William’s writings, most in various editions. There is also a considerable holding of Osleriana, including the annual meetings of the American Osler Society.

Bryant Boutwell papers

  • MS 129
  • Collection
  • 1907-2010

The Bryant Boutwell papers contains certificates and plaques, Osler books Modern Medicine set 1907, JAMA special edition 1969 on Osler, set of two green Osler books, Conversation files, portfolio, yearbooks, and other papers related to Dr. Boutwell and his work.

Subjects: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Boutwell, Bryant

Thomas F. Miles, MD papers

  • MS 131
  • Collection
  • 1880-1908

The Thomas F. Miles, MD papers include his black bag, medicines in glass bottles, one carte-de-visite and two cabinet cards depicting Miles, diplomas, surgical instruments, medical tools, and some papers. The collection is generally in fair condition. The black leather bag is brittle. The photographic images are in excellent condition. The surgical tools show some rust. The medicines in glass vials have degraded. 1 cubic foot (1 box). 1880-1908.

Miles, Thomas F.

John R. Byers papers

  • MS 140
  • Collection
  • 1891-1951

This collection consists of assorted papers both personal and professional. The papers were removed from a large collection of books donated by Jim Warren and designated as the John R. Byers [book] collection. The papers include personal correspondence, numerous advertisements for medical tools and drugs, prescriptions, Lake Forest University's Rush Medical College materials, and a few Masonic-related papers. The materials are from primarily from the Midwest in the United States. The content's date range are from 1891 to 1951.

Subjects: general medical history

Byers, John R.

William Kellar interview collection

  • MS 228
  • Collection
  • 1987-2002

The William Kellar interview collection consists of interview transcripts related to his research on the History of the Texas Medical Center. Interviews were conducted by Louis Marchiafava, PhD, N. Don Macon, and William Kellar. They were a product of various projects in the Texas Medical Center: Hermann Eye Center Historical Project, Texas Medical Center Oral History Project, Oral History of MD Anderson Foundation, Elliott Manuscript Project. The collection consists of 2 boxes equaling 1 cubic foot. Materials are in good condition.

Kellar, William Henry

Women Physicians

  • MS 123
  • Collection
  • 1855-1996

This collection includes newspaper clippings, medical license update cards, copies of journal articles and book chapters, and other material relating to women in medicine, and female doctors in Texas in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Subjects: Family practice, midwife.

John P. McGovern Historical Collections & Research Center

Medical Arts Publishing Foundation records

  • IC 094
  • Collection
  • 1949-1987

The Medical Arts Publishing Foundation records equal 86 cubic feet and contain roughly 1100 items of artwork plus administrative records. Items are housed in 17 document boxes, 49 oversize boxes, map drawer, and framed items. It consists of drawings, paintings, sketches, printed images, and artist notes depicting historical and 20th century figures in the history of cardiology, cancer research, psychiatry, and Texas medicine. The records and artwork demonstrate the artistry, planning, production, and evolution of an art department for a magazine publishing company from 1948 - 1980.

Medical Arts Publishing Foundation

John P. McGovern, MD Collection of Texas Historical Medical Documents

  • MS 021
  • Collection
  • 1814-1921

The John P. McGovern, MD Collection of Texas Historical Medical Documents includes historical deeds, medical records, bills, and receipts from the pre-Republic era to the beginning of the 20th century. 117 Texas medical personnel, primarily physicians, were the creators of these 146 digitized documents. The documents are listed alphabetically by the last name of the primary medical person associated with the item. The city and county shown for each individual are the Texas area where they lived the longest, were most active in their profession, or where the document originated. References are provided for as many personnel as possible. Each document is given a genre and a subject heading. A list of documents classed under each heading can be accessed through the lists below. Other Personnel contains names referred to in the documents. If there are no other names in a document, none is shown; if the name is incomplete or illegible, a dash is shown.

McGovern, John P.

Conversations with the Past: "The Pioneering Spirit in American Medicine" by Dr. Virginia Allen

This 3/4” U-Matic tape contains a lecture titled "The Pioneering Spirit in American Medicine" by Dr. Virginia Allen of the Office of Scientific Publications in the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. The lecture took place April 16, 1980, and it was a part of the series “Conversations with the Past: History of Health Sciences.” The recording runs 42:36, with about 41 minutes of lecture content. According to the credits, it was a Medical Community Television System Production. The recording is a duplication, in color.
(0:01) Video starts with blank screen, color bars, and countdown.
(0:29) Program begins with TMC Librarian Beth White at a podium introducing medical historian Dr. Virginia Allen.
(1:14) Dr. Allen begins her talk, “Pioneering Spirit in American Medicine.”
(3:36) Dr. John Potts, early Physician General to the Virginia Colony.
(4:08) Preacher physicians.
(4:45) Cotton Mather of Boston, a preacher and—according to Dr. Allen—the first significant figure in American medicine.
(9:10) Mather’s chief medical accomplishment: promoting smallpox inoculation. In an early instance of applying statistical analysis in medicine, he tracked mortality for those inoculated compared to the general population.
(13:05) Mather wrote the first general treatise on medicine in the United States, The Angel of Bethesda, 1724. However, it was not published.
(16:22) Dr. Ephraim McDowell, raised in Kentucky and practiced there, and was educated in Edinburgh, Scotland.
(20:28) McDowell diagnosed and removed an ovarian tumor in Jane Crawford. It was the first time such an operation had been performed and the patient lived.
(28:17) Dr. William Beaumont of Connecticut, licensed in 1812, became an Army surgeon and in 1820 was stationed at Fort Mackinac.
(32:23) In 1822, seventeen-year-old Alexis St. Martin, an employee of the American Fur Company, was accidentally shot. Beaumont cared for him, eventually moving him into his home. There remained a hole in St. Martin’s stomach; Beaumont did experiments and discovered the basics of digestion. He published his Observations in 1832.
(40:30) Dr. Allen notes she is out of time but had wanted to speak about Elizabeth Blackwell and Daniel Drake. She concludes by reflecting on the pioneering spirit at work in the Texas Medical Center.

Allen, Virginia

John P. McGovern medical medallions collection

  • MS 200
  • Collection
  • 1773-1971

This is personal collection of medical medallions acquired by John P. McGovern, MD. There are 188 medals, three of which are numbered and stored as pairs.

The collection consists of 6 large boxes, totaling 6.0 cubic feet, of medical medallions dating from the late 1700s to the 20th century. Many of the medals were produced as commemorative items in the 1960s and 1970s. The bulk of the medals come from the Great Men of Medicine Art Medals series. The collection contains two complete sets of the 50 medals, in both the silver and bronze versions. These were sculpted by Abram Belskie and distributed by Presidential Art Medals, Inc. of Vandalia, Ohio, from 1969 to 1974. In addition to the medals themselves, these commemorative series also include pamphlets describing the medals and the accomplishments of the figures portrayed.

A second group of modern medals includes examples from the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at New York University, presented by the Medallic Art Company and also sculpted by Belskie. In addition, there are several examples of the medals issued for the Medical Library Association's Seventy-fifth Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota in June of 1976.

The remaining 70 or so items are historical medallions ranging in dates from at least 1773 to 1971, though many of them are undated. Many of them recognize physicians, hospitals, organizations, events, or developments in medicine. Many are in English, while others appear to be in Latin, French, or other languages. Many of these arrived in the archives in envelopes with accompanying notes with information such as their size, composition, and sculptor. These notes have been added to the descriptions of individual medallions when available.

Many of the medals--particularly modern ones--arrived at the archives in their original boxes. These have been retained and are stored along with the medals, separated by tissue paper for preservation reasons.

McGovern, John P.