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Radiation Effects & Events Collections

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Radiation Effects & Events Collections

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Radiation Effects & Events Collections

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Sara Rozin papers

  • MS 206
  • Colección
  • 1990s

The Sara Rozin papers consists of photographs related to Sara Rozin’s work with Dr. Armin Weinberg and radiation effects and events projects in Kazakhstan and Russia. The program was organized mostly through the United Methodist Health Initiative. Three videos (VHS) related to her daughter’s wedding in 1993 were digitized and are stored in the digital collection drive (DCD). The original cassettes were returned to the donor. During the reception a rabbi sang the Chernobyl Song. A clip of it has been extracted and stored with the other video files. The material is in English, Russian, and Hebrew. Collection consists of one box equaling 0.25 cubic feet and contains 202 photographs and digital video files. Digital files are stored in the digital collection drive (DCD).

Subjects: Radiation Effects and Events

Rozin, Sara

Irina Volguina Floppy Disks

  • MS 239
  • Colección
  • 1996-2002

The Irina Volguina Floppy Disks collection contains 12 3.5" floppy disks. The disks document the cancer registry and other work she did with Armin Weinberg.

Volguina, Irina

Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation records

  • IC 105
  • Colección
  • 1996-2007

The Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation consists of one scrapbook and a recorded interview/conversation with Debbie Goldberg that document the work of the organization, which was part of Baylor College of Medicine during the late-1990s and early 2000s. The organization, led in part by Dr. Armin Weinberg, provided medical supplies, cross-cultural collaboration and professional exchanges with Israel, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and other nations. An important part of its work dealt with radiation effects and events, like Chernobyl and atomic test sites in Kazakhstan. The organization developed the Cancer Registry of survivors of radiation events.

The collection also contains photographs and printed materials related to Debbie Goldberg's work coordinating the shipment of medical supplies to Israel, Palestine, and Kazakhstan.

Accruals are expected for this collection. Materials related to the operations, administration, projects, and people of the Texas Hadassah medical Research Foundation.

Subjects: Radiation Effects & Events, Baylor College of Medicine

Texas Hadassah Medical Research Foundation