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Cora and Webb Mading Collection on Public Health

  • RB 004
  • Collection
  • 1767-1988

The Cora and Webb Mading Collection focuses on public health and contains over 1,500 books and pamphlets on urban sanitation in the United States and communicable diseases. Two important aspects of the collection are the large number of early twentieth century city and state health department reports and the nineteenth century pamphlets on specific contagious diseases.

Francine Jensen, MD papers

  • MS 118
  • Collection
  • 1882-2000s
  1. Book: Den Nye ABC Myrebogen Nr. 1, Af en Skolemand. Kobenhavn: H. Hagerups Forlag, n. d.
  2. Book: Mexico Pintoresco Artistico y Monumental. Mexico, 1882
  3. Wooden box with Caulk’s gold plating solution bottle, instruction for plating and brush inside
  4. Scale in wooden box: Chief Castloy; especially adapted for individual manufacturing of general purpose casting gold
  5. 2 ink fountain pens; 2 ballpoint pens
  6. Small glass mortar and pestle
  7. Inside wall thermometer from the Sholl Dental Laboratories
  8. Vase made of vanilla beans in can container
  9. Porcelain [humidor] jar with cover; “Dominican Sisters” inscribed bottom of jar
  10. 2 ink fountain pens; 1 gold plated ballpoint pen; 1 pen and pen pusher with ivory handles
  11. Brass cane handle
  12. Small porcelain tray
  13. Colored photo-portrait of Francine Jensen, MD.

Subjects: Public Health.

Jensen, Francine

Robert G. McCorkle family papers

  • MS 151
  • Collection
  • 1920-1973

The McCorkle Family collection includes framed artwork and awards; medical instruments including bronchial and esophageal specular, and laryngoscopes; and a leather doctor’s bag.

Subjects: laryngology, realia, tuberculosis, thoracic surgery.

McCorkle, Robert G.

Harris County Health Department records

  • IC 030
  • Collection
  • 1955-2008

The Harris County Health Department collection contains a disease control update, communicable disease report, news and views, epidemiology notes, Harris County Hospital District newsletter, annual reports, and ethnic distribution of census population report.

Subjects: public health, Harris County

Harris County Health Department

San Jacinto Lung Association records

  • IC 034
  • Collection
  • 1911-1993

The San Jacinto Lung Association records include correspondence, legal documents, budgets, tuberculosis statistics, committee reports and minutes, printed materials, scrapbooks, articles, christmas seals, and photographs that document the history, community services, staff and administration of the San Jacinto Lung Association. Most notably, the collection highlights the organization’s public health programs to prevent and control tuberculosis as well as its Christmas Seal fundraising campaigns.

The materials are arranged in three series: Organization Records (1911-1993), Photographs (1895-1969), and Scrapbooks (1924-1974). The collection equals 13 cubic feet (12 document and oversize boxes).The materials are in fair condition. Some items were damaged or lost during the flood caused by Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.

San Jacinto Lung Association

Harris County Psychiatric Center records

  • IC 067
  • Collection
  • 1950-2005

The Harris County Psychiatric Center records contains a total of 2 boxes that consist of newsletters for the Harris County Psychiatric Center. 1989 – 2003. Total of 10 boxes that consist of faculty reprints, correspondence, newsletters, scrapbooks, annual reports, and administrative records that document the history, operations, and development of the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston (UTHSCH), Department of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences (UT Psych), Mental Health Institute (MSI), Harris County Psychiatric Center (HCPC), Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation (TDMHMR). 1950 – 2005. Newsletters include: Progress 1989-1994, Progress 1995, News January through September 1989.

Subjects: Psychiatry

Harris County Psychiatric Center

HIV/AIDS Houston collection

  • IC 072
  • Collection
  • 1951-1995

The HIV/AIDS Houston collection consists of 6 boxes that contain newspaper clippings, reprinted articles, correspondence, speeches, guidelines, printed material, and newletters that document the early research of AIDS and the impact of AIDS in the Houston area. The collection has several issues of HIV Treatment and RITA! (Research Initiative, Treatment Action) ranging from 2001-2007. The collection encompasses 1951 – 1995 with earlier materials related to studies on the spread of diseases, such as encephalomyelitis in mice. The collection is in fair condition with some water damage.

John P. McGovern Historical Collections & Research Center

Junior League of Houston Children's Clinic Collections

  • IC 035
  • Collection
  • 1930-1967

The Junior League of Houston Children’s Clinic collection contains articles, brochures, pamphlets, issues of Watch Magazine from 1955-1966, and newspaper clippings.

Subjects: pediatrics, medical rehabilitation

Junior League of Houston Children's Clinic

Lu Ann Aday, PhD papers

  • MS 214
  • Collection
  • 1964-2014

The Lu Ann Aday, PhD papers contains materials related Lu Ann Aday’s professional career in public health. The papers include her publications, courses she designed and taught, administrative material and consulting work. Many of the records are from her work at the University of Texas School of Public Health-Houston. The material ranges from 1985 to 2007. The material is in good condition. The collection is 23 cubic feet 23 boxes).

Aday, Lu Ann

James H. Steele Lecture "Bioterrorism" by Professor D. A. Henderson, MD

This VHS tape contains the lecture "Bioterrorism" By Professor D. A. Henderson, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. The lecture took place April 4, 2000, and was a part of the James H. Steele Lecture series from the University of Texas School of Public Health. The recording runs 1:22:57. It is in color.
(0:01) Bert DuPont welcomes the audience to the 8th James Steele lecture. He speaks about Dr. Steele’s contributions and recognizes Dr. Steele, who is in attendance. DuPont introduces Dean R. Palmer Beasley.
(4:46) Dean R. Palmer Beasley takes the podium and highlights three men present that day: Dr. Steele, Dr. Phil Lee, and Dr. D. A. Henderson. Dr. Beasley describes Dr. Lee’s career before offering his introduction of Dr. D. A. Henderson.
(14:02) Dr. D. A. Henderson ascends to the podium and begins his talk by discussing Dr. James Steele and their longstanding association. He tells of their time at the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
(18:55) Dr. Henderson alludes to his role in smallpox eradication before pivoting to the topic of bioterrorism.
(20:52) Bioterrorism. He addresses prevalent views on bioterrorism. He traces attitudes through his time in the White House and at Health and Human Services. He then outlines developments in Japan, Russia, and Iraq that changed perceptions in 1995.
(31:00) Agents of concern: smallpox, plague, anthrax, and others. He elaborates on the nature of smallpox and the history and side effects of vaccination.
(37:15) Meschede, Germany, January 1970. Smallpox outbreak.
(41:00) Kosovo, Yugoslavia, February 1972. Smallpox outbreak.
(45:42) Considering a hypothetical smallpox outbreak in the US.
(50:41) The danger of these materials and expertise in Russia. “The Changing Nature of the Threat”—religious groups, access, communications, intent to inflict maximum damage.
(54:18) Concerns among policy makers.
(55:21) Threats from animal viruses such as foot and mouth disease and African swine fever.
(57:57) “The consequences of a biological weapon attack would be an epidemic.” Dr. Henderson discusses the role of public health, medicine, and biology in response.
(1:02:40) Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies
(1:03:05) Questions and Answers

Henderson, Donald A. (Donald Ainslie), 1928-2016

Robert J. Emery, DrPH papers

  • MS 248
  • Collection
  • 1995-2011

This collection contains materials related to Dr. Robert Emery's career on the faculty of the UT School of Public Health. There is a mix of materials specific to UT, along with external training materials, resources, and publications relevant to this work. The UT materials include reports related to areas of the School of Public Health, such as Industrial Hygiene & Air Environment and the Southwest Center for Occupational & Environmental Health. In addition, there are academic materials from courses related to topics such as workplace safety and public health risk communication. There are also materials from workshops or trainings. Finally, there are publications from sources such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The materials range in date from approximately 1995-2011.

Emery, Robert J.

University of Texas School of Public Health records

  • IC 013
  • Collection
  • 1967-2008

The University of Texas School of Public Health (SPH) records contains records from the School, as well as related programs and topics. The majority of the collection is made up of copies of the SPH Calendar from 1978-1983 and the SPH Catalog from 1971-1995. Also included are photographic rosters, announcements, and other printed materials. There are several reports connected to programs, seminars, or research. There is also one VHS Tape containing the 2000 James H. Steele Lecture on the topic of "Bioterrorism."

Materials in the collection date from approximately 1967 to 2008. The bulk of the materials were created between 1970 and 1995.

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. School of Public Health

Texas Medical Center-Women's History Project

  • MS 171
  • Collection
  • 2013-2016

The Texas Medical Center-Women's History Project contains audio interviews and print transcriptions of the interviews with women who made contributions to the biomedical and health care fields at the Texas Medical Center. Support organizations at the nursing and medical schools of UTHealth, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, began the project in 2013 with five interviews.

The Texas Medical Center Women’s History Project documents the lives of women who made contributions to the biomedical and health care fields at the Texas Medical Center. The first five interviewees are: Dorothy Otto, MSN, EdD, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Nursing; Dianna Milewicz, MD, PhD, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) Medical School; Lu Ann Aday, PhD, The University of Texas School Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health; Anna Steinberger, PhD, UTHealth Medical School; Julane Hotchkiss Knobil, PhD, UTHealth Medical School. Sponsors of the first five interviews were the Faculty Wives and Women Faculty of the UTHealth Medical School, PARTNERS at the UTHealth School of Nursing and The TMC Library. Additional biographical material about women at the Texas Medical Center, such as curriculum vitae and historical documents, is icluded.

Additional biographical material about women at the Texas Medical Center, such as curriculum vitae and historical documents, is included. The formats include audio files and transcripts. This collection is 0.5 cubic feet (1 box).

Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library

Irvin A. Kraft papers

  • MS 179
  • Collection
  • 1939-2010

Printed paper is the predominant format in the collection though there are numerous black and white and color photographic prints, some objects and other ephemera and an 8mm sound film.

A large portion of the collection is comprised of various scrapbooks. The scrapbooks contain printed material, ephemera, and photographic prints, either taped or pasted on acidic paper that has browned and is brittle. The pages were removed from the scrapbooks, original order maintained, and stored in acid-free folders. In addition to the scrapbooks, the collection contained a large number of newspaper clipping. The clippings have not been arranged and are extremely brittle.

Highlights of the collection include the photo scrapbook, “The Army Life of Irvin Alan Kraft” and the complete records of Dr. Kraft’s military service.

The collection is approximately four cubic feet and contains seven boxes (three cubic foot, four various sizes) and one oversize folder. The materials are in fair to good condition and there are no preservation concerns at this time. The scrapbook pages are stored flat in boxes 4, 5, and 6; take care when removing the folders to preserve original order.

Subjects: Psychology, children

Kraft, Irvin A.

By Healthcare Committee.doc

Selected material about the healthcare system/status in Russia circa 1997. It looks like a series of pieces from a healthcare publication. Clearly this was a part of our trying to assess the opportunity to further our work with Dennis Sokol of the American Medical Centers that Ambassador Strauss connected us with as well as the post-Chernobyl opportunities for our colleagues in the Former USSR.

Texas-Mexico Border and Acres Home Project records

  • IC 093
  • Collection
  • 1989-2005

This Texas-Mexico Border and Acres Home Project records contains binders and bound compilations of data, notebooks and manuals for health-care workers. The collection consists of 3 boxes equaling 2 cubic feet. The materials are in good condition.

Subjects: UT, UT Health Science Center at Houston, Kathleen Becan-Mcbride, public health

Texas-Mexico Border and Acres Home Project

Carlos Vallbona, MD papers

  • MS 184
  • Collection
  • 1968-2014

The Carlos Vallbona, MD papers contains correspondence, course materials, slides; files from his 3701 Kirby office; and other material detailing the career of Dr. Vallbona as a pediatrician, educator, advocate, physical therapy and post-polio syndrome specialist. He held positions at Baylor College of Medicine and TIRR. The materials date from between 1968 and 2014. Materials were donated in three stages in 2014 and 2015. Collection consists of 54 boxes equaling 54 cubic feet.

Subjects: Physical Theraby, Post-Polio, Baylor College of Medicine.

Vallbona, Carlos